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Duty Drawback: Import Duty Refund

Duty Drawback is available in any instance in which an import duty has been paid and goods are eventually exported. You need not have paid the import duty directly, nor acted as the exporter.

You need not be the importer nor even the exporter in order to receive a duty drawback import duty refund. Rights to duty drawback dollars can be assigned to or from vendors and clients.

One company neither imports nor exports but has a $7 million per year duty drawback program because they learned how to maximize their potential opportunity.

Substitution allows drawback of duties paid on raw materials if they are commercially interchangeable with domestic materials used to produce exported goods.

Why use ITM for youR duty drawback services?

Duty Drawback, covered in section 191 of the U.S. Customs regulations, allows the refund of duties paid on imports that are subsequently exported. If your company exports merchandise from the United States you are probably eligible for refunds. Your company does not have to be the importer in order to claim duty drawback.

That is all you need to know about the subject. ITM handles everything else! If you export from the United States, ITM can quickly (and painlessly) determine your return and put a complete duty drawback program in place.

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